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At the crossroads of traditional documentaries and specialized websites, web documentaries explore the best of both worlds. Based on authentic and real facts, on rigorous journalistic work and on the diversity of possibilities offered by the web, the directors of these hybrid digital works bring spectators out of their usual inanity, making them the actors of these reports of a new kind. Immersed in a skillfully worked visual and sound environment, Internet users are invited to make choices, make decisions, conduct the survey to learn more about the staged subject.
Together, let's imagine for your audience, immersive and moving interactive audiovisual experiences.

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Web documentaries, by endeavoring to use all the variations of the media supported by the internet, are a very stimulating field of experimentation for our agency.
These new approaches by their transversality and their creative potential can satisfy a multitude of objectives; advertising, educational, fun, educational, … We stand by your side to design the digital scenography that best suits your ambitions.

The spectator punctuates his journey through information with instructive encounters that arouse his compassion and involvement through an oscillating journey back and forth and for which he alone is able to define the path.
At the heart of this total creation, he can thus be invited to read texts such as handwritten writings, press articles or even literary extracts. His ear may be solicited by listening to testimonies, voice-overs or even music that shapes an atmosphere and a specific sound identity (dreamlike, scary, playful, romantic, …) or his curiosity piqued by visual animations various: live action, 2D or 3D animations or stop motion.

Our editorial pole with intriguing feathers, supports you in the unique writing and scripting of your documentary journey. He invents new conventions with you, stages persuasive narrative arcs and ensures that your message is well heard and understood by your target.
Our graphic and video teams compose for you the immersive decor of your informative fable and our technical experts guarantee your audience a fluid and innovative escape to the heart of your subject.

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