CNIEL a web documentary at the heart of the dairy industry.

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To the rhythm of milk, all the states of a living matter.

Situation & Challenge

A unique and historic know-how to enhance.

<span”>French love for dairy products has been decreasing. Today, their manufacture is questioned. So much so that they are strongly criticized, even boycotted. For CNIEL (National Interprofessional Center for the Dairy Economy), these questions lead to another. How to make dairy products famous?

Strategic Axis

Emotion in the service of truth

We rely on total transparency of the media, to decide with an industry perceived as opaque by consumers. Au Rhythm de Lait opens the doors of French dairy factories to consumers for the first time and warms the industrial sector with emotion and poetry.

Creative Idea

Honor living matter through harmonious dance.

Mastering milk and its transformations means above all knowing how to deal with the rhythm of nature and a changing material. We accentuate this parallel with the poetry of dairy dance, that of machine ballet, in harmony with the passionate women and men who watch over this amazing product.

  • A web documentary that is the pride of dairy processing
  • An internationally acclaimed educational tool
  • 1 TopCom corporate gold and 1 CSS design won

A journey between heritage and industrial genius

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