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The corporate film crystallizes the essence of a brand. Far beyond a simple brand content tool, it rests on the key ideas that define a business. The most brilliant and rewarding aspects are translated with precision and the production must be up to the public posture.
We are convinced that the writing, the emotion and the correctness of the words are essential factors and the agency brings you a vision that is both unique and adapted. From competitive advantages to CSR commitments, we support you in this master project, to see further and contribute to the development of the company.

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Sweet Punk for its customers a large number of institutional film formats. With an internal production capacity and the implementation of a production team, the agency’s talents combine brand support, digital transformation, strategic planning or brand identity to build the best possible tool.

The film can take the form of a shooting followed by a post production, or a completely digital realization in 3D or in motion design.
The strength of the agency comes from its ability to support you upstream on the brand platform: audit, market research, can be a component of the initial brief in order to build the most effective institutional film. With the help of our graphic design studio, we guarantee to level your brand image to high standards.

The integration and distribution of the institutional film is an essential objective for the success of its objectives. Knowledge of digital, be it storytelling or UX aspects, allows you to ambition a web documentary or simply integrate it perfectly into site content.

We also offer 360 ° shoots that extend the immersion in the world of the company.

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