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Take a step back to move forward.

To catch his eye. Get noticed. Value your difference. Highlight your uniqueness. Seduce her. Envy her. Make room for yourself in her life.
She ? It's your audience. Us? This is our reason for being. We are a communication agency and for it to fall under your spell, our secret weapon is emotion.

At Sweet Punk, we believe that she is the source of great stories but also of great successes. It is to arouse joy, sadness, anger or surprise that we support brands to conquer their target. Need a fresh look to get an eye on your market? We advise you from A to Z to create and maintain a relationship of trust, privileged and lasting with your consumers.

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From the creation of your brand to the analysis of your campaigns, our agency stands by your side for all the great moments in the life of your project.
To calmly approach your market, we carry out an audit and study. Our strategic planning department observes the major trends in your sector, studies your competitors and helps you position yourself on the most promising path.

We also strive to carry out a meticulous analysis of your target, their expectations to their consumption preferences but also their purchasing paths so that you are present at the heart of their habits. Gone are the days when brands had to be everywhere, all the time. You must now be close to your audience, share their convictions and create reciprocity.

To establish the bases of an effective and coherent communication we take the time to design a set of documents essential to the dissemination of your messages; your brand platform, your graphic charter and your editorial charter.
All these documents, the synthesis of which forms your brand identity, allow us to imagine campaigns in your image, memorable because they are vectors of sensations and charged with emotions.

From your digital strategy to your content strategy, we work out the plans for your success. Video, augmented and virtual reality, graphics, websites, applications, print, events … our agency with plural skills and collaborative intelligence, with the ambition to break with you, with the monotony and boredom of classic communication to create moments never experienced before, out of the ordinary.
Moments of communion between your brand and its consumers.

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