Brand strategy and consulting

Your manifesto for the future.

After studying your market, auditing your resources, interviewing your employees and analyzing your target group, the time has come to establish your brand platform. This document, a true manifesto of your raison d'être and your intentions, forms the structure on which all of your communication actions are built. These foundations are based on your history and the context of your project, your values ​​and your commitments, your missions and your objectives as well as your promise. By expressing your culture and your identity in this way, you offer all of your employees and service providers a usable sample of your DNA. You thus ensure the consistency of your positioning and the long-term viability of your brand.

A fertile ground for your communication plans, the brand platform is a precious resource from which your digital strategy as well as your content strategy draw their essence. Whatever your advertising actions, they must refer but above all be in agreement with all of its prescriptions. Its main principles give meaning to your brands, control its image and messages, and even influence its evolution.

As part of our brand support, we recommend writing this platform from the creation of your brand. Since it will go so far as to inspire the graphic and editorial charters that will govern all of your communication actions, we believe that it must be designed in a timely manner, before any presence. However, as part of a pivot or an identity overhaul we will be able to guide you as best as possible to set the tone and direction for your new start.

While it was common for these platforms to be limited to internal use, it is now common for them to be made public and considered as elements of communication in their own right. They become the guarantors of the commitments, values ​​and positions taken by a brand and thus establish a strong bond of attachment with their public. It is by rigorously establishing your brand platform that you will succeed in federating loyal communities and generating preference for your brand.
In an era of committed marketing, it is time to make your identity germinate into a real lever for growth.

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