An identity to tip the bank into a new era.

  • Associative / environment
  • Brand strategy and advice
  • Identity / Branding

MyMoneyBank is reinventing the bank for freelancers.

Situation & challenge

When MyMoneyBank sets out to conquer freelancers, the most flexible target in a far too rigorous banking market, it is a revolution that must be unleashed.


Shake up the codes of the sector and tip the customer vision into a new paradigm: one where the bank loan adapts to its customers, and not vice versa.

Ressources strategy

Brand Platform

  • Analysis of the market, the target, the competition
  • Definition of the promise of value
  • Definition of the brand platform


  • Define a name for this new brand that can reach the target of freelancers and convey the values of the brand
    Definition of baseline to embody its values


  • Definition of an identity embodying the value of the brand

Site web

  • Realization of the showcase site in the brand universe

How to transcribe a tipping point in a new vision of bank lending? We wanted to highlight the immediacy of taking action, a name that gives power back to the freelance borrower.

We have chosen Teelt, a name that brings about change, understandable beyond the language barrier.



How to transform a name into a brand? The tipping force and the change of state must come to life through the logo.

Teelt adopts a graphic charter while moving and a differentiating angle: 12 ° of inclination which encourage to go ahead and break the rigidity of existing codes.


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