Brand strategy and consulting

A solid foundation for your brand

Bien plus qu’un logo, votre marque doit transparaître de manière cohérente dans les moindre détails qui l’incarnent. Nous vous accompagnons dans la création de votre marque pour en faire une plateforme homogène et porteuse de sens auprès de vos différentes cibles.

A brand creation is not just a logo, nor is it just a name. It’s a complex system that combines naming, graphic identity, brand platform and editorial charter, all based on market research and an analysis of your targets to guide our creativity.

Some artists know the anguish of the blank page, we see rather a creative thrill: everything is possible, everything remains to be done, there is nothing left but to get started. But there is no question of going blind. Your future brand platform will be inspired by real facts: who are your targets? What are they waiting for? What are your competitors doing and how is your market evolving? So many questions we ask ourselves to make sure that we aim just before we even start the creative phase. It is only then that we start the graphic and editorial identity, via a logo, a name and a baseline, the holy trinity of branding. But these assets are only the tip of the iceberg, beneath the surface extend the brand platform, the communication strategy, the values ​​etc. A complex and comprehensive cosmogony that brings your brand to life. Enough to inspire your 360 ° campaigns, from sensational digital activation to the slightest social media post. And always with sense and emotion, of course.

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