Campaign & Activation

360 ° view

Are you launching a product or service?
Do you want to boost your notoriety?
In short, you need to be seen. We can help.

By imagining a 360 ° campaign message,
from which we can then draw the thread to adapt it to different targets and supports.

By defining the right tone, the right catchphrase, so that the message is impactful whatever the medium used: display, advertising, banners, digital or social media device.

Our strategic teams will develop the mechanics necessary to reach a large and qualified audience and bring you maximum visibility with them. All at 360 °.

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Addressing your targets consistently across a set of strategic touchpoints is key to gaining visibility and increasing awareness of yourself or a product or service.

It’s about getting the right message, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. A clever mix of skills that we have to orchestrate a 360 ° campaign that will make you talk.

Put our strategic talents to define a communication territory that we can explore for your brand.
Design with our design teams – writing relevant and effective communication messages that will meet the objectives that we have defined for you.

But also take into account the granularity of each medium to have the right tone and take advantage of the specificities they offer us to adapt to the uses and expectations of your target but also to the consumption trends specific to our time.

A well-designed global campaign message must be able to be translated into a more targeted digital strategy: social media or influence strategy, media coverage through banner ads.

Make people talk about you, yes, with this requirement to do so in a coherent way to become a known (and recognized) player in your market and develop a brand image in a sustainable way. All without being boring.

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