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It's the street.

Breaking misconceptions about street marketing.

No, it’s not just about distributing flyers out of a metro station or disguising students as sandwich men.

At Sweet Punk, we believe that street marketing can be made much less boring than it seems.

First, by integrating street marketing into a global strategy to avoid falling into a free and impact-free operation.

Then, by offering real experiences to passers-by: more interactive, more immersive. For this, we rely on our skills in augmented reality or virtual reality.

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Use the street as the main field of expression to get closer to your prospects, in order to generate direct contact with them.
Often overlooked in communication strategies, street marketing is nevertheless an ideal solution for communicating more locally. It can be part of a 360 ° campaign to increase visibility and add a strategic point of contact.

If for some it may seem outdated and not very impactful, boiling down to the distribution of flyers or samples, at Sweet Punk we are convinced that our role, as a creative agency, is to know how to “twister”.
Take the opportunity to have an interactive experience and integrate it into a cross-channel campaign.
Try to surprise passersby and try to create an impression of proximity.

Yes, a street marketing campaign can be creative, if it starts from a strong creative concept and is accompanied by other communication tools such as a poster campaign or an innovative interactive experience for the public. It can then allow you to get in touch more directly with your potential consumers. The opportunities can be many: highlighting an exceptional offer, discovering a new product, communicating about the opening of a store or even an event such as a trade show or general public.

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