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Feed reinvents the meal break.

Situation & challenge

Stand out with an innovative but divisive product.

By inventing a real take-out meal, Feed. , the smart food UFO, has decided to take over the world. For this, the brand is looking for a universal positioning and a website that can meet e-commerce ambitions. A major challenge to satisfy the appetite of a growing community, but also of a large audience, sometimes skeptical.


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Like Bic or Post-It, Feed. offers a product that can shake up the sector. A simple, identifiable and unique product that the brand must use to set up as a timeless reference. What is today a curiosity will tomorrow become a reflex accessible to all.

Means strategy

To reveal oneself in Europe

  • Digital identity
  • Brand platform and editorial charter
  • 3D packaging of products
  • New website
  • Social media strategy consulting
  • Display and TV campaign concept.
  • The number of unique monthly visitors increased from 50K to 2 Million in January 2019
  • The visit time increased sharply from less than 2 min to almost 3 minutes on average.
  • Bounce rate dropped 23%
  • Best repeat rate in our target 18/35 year olds.
01 Brand identity. A Feed. for everyone.

With the promise “Eat well, Live free”, Feed. delivers its universal message, a promise to eat healthy and to free yourself as much from our constraints as from our own barriers. It’s the spirit that bears the mark. Its healthy and transparent positioning is reflected in an identity that aims to be as unifying as it is elegant.

Eat well, stay free

02 An attractive and light e-commerce platform

To conquer a large market, the site incorporates an e-commerce platform designed to seduce and keep people coming back. Smart and functional, the ergonomics offer intuitive navigation.
A modern and interactive shopping experience, adorned with animations and 3D models to enhance content and containers and support the avant-garde positioning of the brand.

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