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Looking at digital audiences, how can you not want to be visible to any audience? Digital also has this incredible strength to combine striking power and precision.

Banner ads give you the opportunity to boost your visibility while assigning specific ROI objectives to the campaign; traffic creation, lead generation, conversion…

If there are many formats (pre-roll, IAB formats, etc.) the intention is always the same: push the click. And, if we know that this action is more and more difficult to obtain from the user, we also know that the format pushes even more creativity.

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Do you have a product or service that you want to promote and develop notoriety? Want to generate site traffic? One way to do this is by banner advertising. But once your media plan is more or less planned, you will need to define the key message (s) for your campaign.

Contrary to what one might think, the banner ad is a format that requires great creativity, whether visual or editorial. The expression territory is reduced. If certain banner formats are animated, the fact remains that the message must be clear and precise, and the visual universe of your brand very easily recognizable and identifiable, in the space of a few seconds and a number reduced available pixels.
If the advertising formats are indeed very standardized (IAB formats) pre-roll video is also an advertising format to be exploited on digital, allowing messages to be conveyed with another form of creativity.

The challenge is also to encourage the user to click on the said banner and it must therefore be convincing, attractive and why not personalized.
The possibilities of personalization are today to be taken into account, in particular with geolocation or retargetting. So many solutions that we take into account to create relevant and effective banners. Just like canvas or expand formats which allow you to go further and offer the user a start to the digital experience.
In short, to be “don’t be boring.”

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