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Passer du rêve à la (dure) réalité

Situation & Challenge

A different plea for World AIDS Day.

On December 1, AIDS associations are stepping up to the plate. But from year to year the speeches are copied, fade and lose interest. Sidaction wants to change the game and move away from the anxiety-provoking codes of the community.


A new insight, a new speech.

To bring out the brand in this saturated context, we approach the subject from a new angle: catchy, pop and colorful. Since the population seems to have become accustomed to HIV-positive messages and the sick, why not assume that they are part of the landscape?

Creativ Idea

Travel between countries and inequalities in care

For many, AIDS is a disease that mainly affects the African continent. To counter misconceptions, we highlight through postcards destinations known for their tourism, but not for their HIV positive.

Behind a vintage and joyful DA, the first reading is a dream. The second, however, imposes the harsh reality on the public: AIDS spares no continent.

You should think bigger