The social media campaign that twists the number 5.

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Khiels sublimates your skin in 5 min chrono.

Situation & Challenge

Stand out in one of the most talkative sectors on social media.

Specializing in herbal cosmetic products, the Kiehl’s brand wants a social media campaign with a marked graphic universe to highlight its tailor-made online diagnosis. The challenge ? Consumer feed is already drowned out by competing ads.



Closer to the target, closer to the product.

Like the brand that has broken the codes of the sector, our campaign must break free from the classics of the sector. We focus on the starification of the brand’s bestsellers through a fresh, lively universe and above all close to the target.

Creativ Idea

Give Me Five

5 iconic products, 5 min to take care of your skin. The GIVE ME FIVE campaign strikes a strong and fair mark in the mind of the target by reinventing beauty tips through graphic and editorial codes that are out of the ordinary.

You should think bigger