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Let's inspire ourselves

Situation & challenge

Inspirer les entreprises, autant qu’elles nous inspirent

“Châteauform’ teams inject their added warmth into every meeting to inspire companies and enable them to reveal their talents.”

It is with this raison d’être that, in December 2022, Châteauform’ became a company with a mission.

To ensure that its communications serve this mission, we came up with the “Inspirons-nous” web series. Five 6-minute video episodes to highlight the committed companies and associations with which Châteauform’ regularly collaborates.


To create a humanist movement, you need to choose the right partners

At the heart of Châteauform”s DNA are encounters, moments of conviviality, sharing and exchange. So Châteauform’ set out to meet its own partners, those who are helping to improve the world.

From zero waste to locavorism to fair trade, “Inspirons-nous” highlights the words of those who have transformed their convictions into businesses or associations.

Five episodes, supported by Claire Schwartz, in charge of commitment, as many calls to join the movement towards a more respectful, more inclusive, more humanist world of work.

Creative idea

An embodied and engaging identity

Testimonials, interviews, encounters… this web series is first and foremost about inspiring men and women.

So, naturally, we created the format’s visual identity around them. From the very first notes of the credits, we wanted to showcase their faces, their smiles and their positive actions.

A humanist commitment that we punctuated with a gentle touch, thanks to drawn overprints and scribbled typography that further humanize the videos.

The partners

Savr, fight against food waste
Castalie, do away with plastic bottles
Malongo, fair trade coffee
Green Evenement, calculating the carbon footprint of events
Sarah Fleurs, local and seasonal floral arts and crafts

Social Media

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