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Mission alternance, Season 2

Situation & challenge

Atlas is a skills operator that helps companies and employees in the financial and consulting sectors.



Its mission is multi-faceted: to support work-study recruitment and finance these contracts, to provide information on vocational training and the schemes available, and to support professional branches in their employment/training initiatives.



It’s against this backdrop, and after the first edition of the “Mission Alternance” podcast aimed at promoting careers in the consultancy sector, that Atlas and the CPREFP IDF decided to repeat the podcast for a second season.


This season is dedicated to awareness, commitment and life change, with the aim of making the podcast universally inspiring for students.


To generate interest in student commitment, Season 2 of “Mission Alternance” explores the theme of the environment and social responsibility through the convictions of five students, who tell us about their work-study experience and the reasons behind their commitment.


Sweet Punk has used the content of each episode to create captivating trailers, “audiograms”, audio extracts edited into video, with the aim of raising interest in young people’s commitment to CSR and highlighting the singularity of each story and each path.

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Creative idea

Whether it’s an idea that slowly makes its way or a shock that hits like a bomb, it’s often through these triggers that convictions are born. And with them our desire to change the world. Starting with our daily lives… and therefore our work.


More than anyone else, students are full of convictions. They want to feel useful, to commit body and soul to making tomorrow’s world a better place. They also want to stay one step ahead of their future, by anticipating today the essential issues of the future, from resource management to environmental preservation, not forgetting the human aspect and solidarity.


Sweet Punk took this observation as its starting point, to propose a new season with an inspiring and universal dimension, capable of touching each and every one of us.

The agency approached this serious subject with a touch of humor to create a bond with young listeners and allay some of the apprehensions linked to orientation and the future.

Resources strategy

Distribution and media coverage


The episodes of season 2 of “Mission Alternance” are published and can be found on the usual podcast platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict) and on Youtube.


A page is also dedicated to the promotion of this season 2 on the Opco Atlas website, Concepteurs d’Avenir.


To highlight this new season, Sweet Punk has focused on a media campaign consisting of carousel publications and audiogram videos of key passages in the episodes, on the social networks TikTok and Instagram, used by the target audience, in addition to an email and a reminder to guidance professionals (rectors, teachers…).

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