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Engaging in conversation (and engagement) with their community is the leitmotif of the community manager. But to achieve this, there are steps you should not miss.

If having a large community can make you dream, at Sweet Punk we tend to favor quality over quantity.
The quality of your audience but also that of the conversations that will be generated with it. The social media strategy that we will put in place for you will not only allow you to be visible but will indeed create a lasting and lasting relationship with your community.

It may be a little less, but it will undoubtedly be much better

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At Sweet Punk we are convinced that a social media strategy must above all allow you to be reactive and adapt to the changing situations offered by social networks. But let’s not confuse speed and precipitation: to act quickly, you have to know how to anticipate. And to change course quickly, you have to know where to go.

Each network has its own codes, its own audience and its own functionalities. A social media strategy must take these specificities into account and be able to adapt the discourse if necessary. In other words, it must be flexible but solid!

The strategy implemented on your social networks is therefore essential to allow you to navigate serenely by having consistent speaking.

If for a brand, being present on social networks may seem simple, to be effectively in speaking is nevertheless necessary to develop a precise strategy.

For this, it is important to have solid tools such as an editorial charter and a strategy of cleverly thought out content: something to make you go in the right direction.

The strategy will also have the mission of responding to identified objectives, with for us, this permanent desire to create a solid and almost daily relationship between your brand and your community.

Increase your notoriety, generate sales or simply create a community: there are many solutions to answer them.
Influence strategy, creation of high-performance video content, development of Snapchat or Instragram filters, media coverage or even community management, we know how to rely on the right methods so that your presence on social networks serves your business on a daily basis.

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