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Community management, a discipline intrinsically linked to your presence on social networks, is the ability to unite a tribe around a common totem that is your brand or your project. To ensure the allegiance of these highly-solicited communities, you must start a conversation and create a real relationship around shared values, visions or ambitions. Your reputation is at stake because this buzzing, versatile and fickle swarm will not hesitate to compromise you if it considers itself wronged or deceived. Conversely, the creation of dedicated content, new but above all your image will be rewarded by lively interactions and engaging rates on social networks.
Don't just water your communities with a delicate social nectar, transcend the common of bewitching content.

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These communities are your ambassadors, the new alphas of your communication. At Sweet Punk, we are committed to pampering them by offering them personalized content with high added value. As a structuring component of your social media strategy, community management must therefore be planned with the greatest attention. Our agency and its artistic direction pole carry out campaigns which are illustrated by their originality and their renewed use of the full potential of these channels.

Because far from the entertaining image of the community manager, a kind of nice animator oscillating between after-sales service and agreed humor, our social media support is based on the transversal skills of our agency, from the analysis of your target to the coordination of social media activations through the creation of content with various supports and graphics.

Because an Instagram strategy is not designed with the same codes, the same media and the same intentions as on Snapchat, because a paid campaign is not approached in the same way as an influence strategy, we think that it is crucial to know the mechanisms of each of these platforms. It is with this constant watch and this meticulous analysis of their inner workings that our strategic planning and social media divisions work.

Our creativity and our curiosity push us to explore further than these social networks alone, starting in search of innovative digital places where other forms of social ties are formed and where other kinds of communities are built up (video games , forums, connected objects, …). Sweet Punk is with you on this exciting journey into the heart of social networks and offers you the opportunity to distinguish yourself by becoming an adventurer, a pioneer or even a pioneer.

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