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Rainbow ripples, dog ears, and cat frowns ... these guaranteed mega-effect filters are nothing new in the social add-on arsenal of Instagram and Snapchat. But recently, the great masters of social networks can congratulate themselves for having made available to all Lens Studio and Spark AR, their augmented reality API. By democratizing these interfaces, they paved the way for an innovative medium for artistic expression, whose canvases of a new genre soon flourished in the storyfied corridors of digital museums.
With Sweet Punk, the cool and quirky agency, step outside the box to break the codes.

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Instagram and Snapchat filters decompartmentalize the usual communication frameworks.
Since they can be used in various types of interactions: from public stories to the darkest corners of the dark social, these filters allow brands to infiltrate the bodyguard of their audience.

By transforming the faces of your users, you are grafting themselves on to their deepest identity and creating an unprecedented relationship of proximity and ownership with them.
Powerful levers of commitment, the creation of this virtual content is therefore to be considered in your social media strategies and integrated into your community management toolbox.

Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, it is the user himself who requests the use of the augmented reality filter which in turn becomes a product in its own right. This active approach of your target, immersed in the universe of which you are the thinker, the designer and the creator gives your campaign an immersive character and a precious added value.
Thanks to our comprehensive social media support, our agency creates a new face for your brand during activation. Our artistic direction pole and our graphic designers play with all dimensions to realize 2D and 3D animations, which will give life to these make-ups of the future. As for our strategic teams, they govern your exposure and ensure the visibility of your creations. Thus, integrated into an influence strategy, Instagram and Snapchat filters prove to be engaging relays between your brand and the partner audience and amplify your referral.

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