Sound concept for 40 years.

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33 laps in orbit with Ariane

Situation & Challenge

Celebrating 40 years of success with a double audience

With more than 250 launches and 40 years of existence, this anniversary deserves a communication campaign worthy of it. To reach the general public above all, thank these generations of employees who made this adventure possible. How to reconcile the two targets with decidedly different expectations?



Creative Idea

Create an electronic music album.

Ariane’s technological universe and its positioning around wonder intersect 40 years of popular electronic music success. German Techno, French Touch … The idea of ​​making a music album was obvious. A way to unite millions of people, and delight the internal.



Ressources strategy

A real musical promotion campaign

  • An official album produced by artist Pyramid.
  • Internal vinyls and goodies (T-Shirt, Poster, USB keys, CD)
  • Use of Spotify, Deezer platforms …
  • Digital campaign
  • Video clip
  • Interview making of
  • Music press promotion

By perfectly meeting the objective of reaching both targets, the operation has so far been the brand’s biggest unifying success in terms of communication campaign.

  • Full support from internal teams (strong involvement of the CEO)
  • Dozens of press releases
  • 3 million plays
  • Success and double reissue of the vinyl support


Vinyl cover pictures

The album

A work of the prodigy of the electro Pyramid

Atmosphere is a real EP, a jewel of electronics, retracing the story of Ariadne. The different pieces chronologically tell the main steps that allowed the rise of the brand. From Vision to Space echo, the music retranscribes the human genius, the humility, the passion and the temerity which made it possible to launch Ariane. From that famous December 24, 1979 to the plans for the future: to the moon and beyond.


Listen on Deezer Listen on Spotify

Electronic music and Ariane celebrate 40 years of popular success.

Make it. Clip it. Send it. Technologic.

A superb clip combining 3D and archive images illustrates the album's flagship songs.


Goodies have good

With the creation of the album and its graphic universe, the campaign was organized around paid social media and RP. With the album a magnificent vinyl, collector’s item, was published as well as thousands of t-shirts and posters for each of the group’s 9,000 employees.


Several Instagram filters have been developed to accompany the release of the album.

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