A filter that reveals the biology of your skin.

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The first bacteriogram in the form of an Instagram filter!

Situation & Challenge

Understand and respond to the complexity of the skin.

Despite the many players in dermatology, few are those whose formulas fully meet the needs of the skin. In order to highlight its Lipikar cream, which respects the balance of the skin and its chemistry, La Roche Posay wishes to reveal to the general public the invisible complexity of the skin.


Use innovation to focus on skin issues.

The skin is actually covered with millions of bacteria, each fulfilling a positive or negative role for the skin. To illustrate the scientific knowledge of the brand without falling into the boring clichés of the sector, we bet on the effect of surprise with spectacular technology.

Creative idea

A colorful and artistic bacteriogram

We are developing an interactive Instagram filter that reveals the bacteria present on the skin. In real time, the user can filter the different types of bacteria to more easily identify the areas where they are most present. This technological and scientific demonstration does not put the artistic aspect aside: the diversity and the number of bacteria, associated with bright colors, make each scan a work of art.

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