ELLE Green goes live on digital

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The green event of the year will be on the web


A program that brings us together, but a context that distances us.

For the launch of its special green edition, ELLE magazine and the Good Planet foundation are organizing an ambitious event bringing together conferences, workshops and speakers …
The problem ? A health crisis isolates humanity and jeopardizes this initiative which tries to bring it together.


Bring people closer together without them touching each other.

Sweet Punk orchestrates the digitalization of the event with a strong conviction: the entire program must be accessible to all. We are developing a dedicated site that covers the entire structure of the event. Goal ? Create a fully digital eco-festival.


Humanity illustrated.

Since it is about bringing women and men together around their ecological sensibilities, we put benevolence and humanity at the forefront. A gentle artistic direction, colorful and entirely in illustration depicts a living fresco: that of a unifying event and a resolutely collective awareness – no offense to the news.

Changing the world is also changing the way we find ourselves.

A contagious craze

You should think bigger