Identity disclosure in virtual reality.

  • Corporate
  • Event and innovation

A digital experience at the height of a pioneering brand.

Situation & Challenge

Conquer the hearts of 1250 employees.

On the occasion of a change of name and identity, AVEO, specialist in electronic banking and services, wishes to gain the support of the internal target and federate behind the renewal embodied by AVEM.


Interactivity to federate

To capture the attention of employees, we want to give them an active role in this revelation of identity, in the image of their involvement in the company. Augmented reality is chosen to immerse them directly in this new brand universe.

Creative Idea

Technology at the service of storytelling

When scanning the flyer sent to employees, 3 full 3D skits reveal the evolution of the logo. Each animation refers to one of AVEM’s values ​​and to its representation in the new logo. All in a technical and expert universe, like the brand he is growing.



2500 scans, or 2 repetitions per employee.

You should think bigger