Aiming for the moon on social media.

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Social media launch for the European leader in space launchers.

Situation & Challenge

Social exploration for space exploration

ArianeGroup wants its image on social networks to be up to the prestige and ambition of the brand. The space exploration sector, which is very dreamlike and has great storytelling potential, is not optimally exploited by the company.




A dedicated internal team for more expertise and responsiveness

After an initial phase of audit aimed at highlighting the opportunities of the brand and its best practices, we set up an internal specialist team composed of an artistic director and a community manager. The team designs recurring themes to create meetings on the brand’s networks.



Creative Idea

Learned and cool

The themes of astrophysics and aerospace can be considered boring or too geeky for the general public. On the contrary, we see it as a creative opportunity. By creating exciting content, which involves the community and simply speaks to it (without falling into extreme popularization), we manage to make space a subject accessible to all, like the brand’s signature. : Space Enablers.


Resources strategy

Twitter, to chat with enthusiasts

  • News staged with a creative eye
  • Constant conversation with space enthusiasts
  • Questions and answers around monthly themes
  • Scientific challenges with mathematical formulas to decipher
  • Thread around launches and key topics

Facebook, to be open to everyone

  • Snack content videos
  • Interviews of engineers to transmit their passion
  • Questions and answers around monthly themes



Lens and filters to appropriate the brand

  • Instagram, to make neophytes dream
  • Creative visuals around space
  • Fascinating vintage, current and forward looking photos
  • Creative reinterpretation of the industry
  • Openings to pop culture (dance, food, sport …)
  • Interactive stories to popularize and exchange


  • + 26,000 additional subscribers
  • A total of 55,000 interactions
  • Posts reach over 1 million

The different themes around access to space are available in accessible and fun snack content.

Quiz topics or story format are widely used to interact with the community and question them on topics of the month.

image ariane

Engage the community with lenses

Inspire and make you dream with creative content, the participation of illustrators, and premium content.

Ariane is in the news

Pour s’ouvrir à un public toujours plus large, la marque a mis en place un dialogue naturel avec les bons influenceurs et créé ainsi des ouvertures naturelles.

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