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Strategic planning is a decisive step in orienting and positioning your communication choices.
It is by looking at everything that infuses our world, from geopolitics to pop culture, by taking the pulse of the men and women around us, by observing, dissecting, analyzing the great phenomena of society such as the signals weaker than we will put your vision and your values ​​at the heart of trends.
Strategic planning must contextualize and conceptualize your desires and needs, crystallize your uniqueness and establish them sustainably in our daily landscapes.
Sweet Punk, an innovative and disruptive agency, will guide you further to make your brand shine in the excitement of tomorrow.

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In our strategic planning studio, we draw our inspiration everywhere, in the profusion of art and culture, in literature as in video games. Each day we read, we study, we learn to have a fairer, more balanced portrait of the world.
We listen to the present and let its echo resonate in the future, we investigate, explore to anticipate changes in society and deliver our finest analyzes. We draw the profile of consumers, we decipher their behaviors and outline new growth opportunities.
The agency is positioned as an observatory, a control tower by your side to guide you in your brand creation, in your market research, your target analysis. Thanks to our constant and meticulous monitoring, we will guide you in the development of your brand platform and your brand book right through to your content strategy.

To best meet your needs, we combine our fiery imagination and our sharp critical sense to enrich your thoughts and merge your brand, your products with the needs of your customers.
The objective of strategic planning is to observe and understand the context in which your request is positioned in order to respond to it with a relevant strategic vision resulting in highly personalized and often surprising communication recommendations.

At Sweet Punk, we are not afraid to take side roads to be the first at the top.

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