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The era of supply-driven demand is over. The evolution of consumption trends pushes to be more and more flexible to meet consumers' expectations and needs. A complete, quantitative and qualitative target analysis is the key to understanding the challenges of your market and your brand.

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Your customers know you, but can you say the same? Target analysis allows you to go from blind communication to informed communication. This analysis is both quantitative, via socio-demographic data, and qualitative, via interviews or personalities. This will involve analyzing the relationship of consumers to your brand, but also to its competitors or to more general questions in your sector. Whether you want to test the impact of an editorial charter, the relevance of a digital activation or the emotions conveyed by your brand platform, target analysis is the very foundation of your communication strategy.

If target analysis seems intuitive for subjects directly linked to the brand platform or your communication campaign, it can also concern less obvious issues. For example, it is relevant to perform a target analysis for UX and UI design ergonomics tests in order to understand user behavior on your next website or their expectations with regard to site content.

Located upstream of the communication strategy, target analysis will therefore allow strategic and creative thinking to be directed in the right direction, in order to ensure 360 ​​° communication aligned with market expectations.

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