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You must be a leader to have followers. Your social media strategy should be in your image, not the image of what is already being done. We transpose your brand through the tiniest details of your social media posts, from their conception to their publication.

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With several billion users, the influence of the social is no longer a parameter but a reality integrated into any form of speaking. A real enhancer of e-reputation, social networks are major levers for brands and their identity, which must constantly adapt to codes. To outrun your competitors, it is therefore essential to intelligently integrate a well-matured brand content into your social media strategy.

The concept of brand identity on social networks takes on a special meaning. Large platforms and new challenger tend to impose specific uses and codes on each target. Mimicry drives influencers and brands to produce the most engaging content, which does not rhyme with originality. Your brand platform and graphic charter are then essential pillars to establish and stand out over the long term. Content, photos and video content must bear the signature of brand DNA.

Vectors of visibility, notoriety, sharing and commitment, social represents an undeniable asset for companies who want to create an emotional bond with their target and thus retain their loyalty. It is clear that users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social networks, so we cannot miss these digital media to speak.

Social media management and community management are key. Managers who hold the keys to a brand are becoming essential partners in driving content and managing communities. We are convinced that the right approach is a close collaboration between agency and advertiser to become one.

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