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Use colors, even in black and white.

The brand's graphic expression is an essential element of communicating language. Before even reading a sentence, it will be carried by the choice of a typography, until the interlacing of this one.

In order to differentiate at best at the heart of digital and exponential communication, graphic design is a noble discipline, ultra structuring. By its longevity, unlike an event campaign, it carries with it the keys to the brand's success to establish itself in a saturated landscape.

We design each graphic support with the requirement and the methodology necessary for the overall coherence of the company, in its singularity and in its strength.

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Graphic design is at the heart of all of the agency’s disciplines. Whether in the design of a graphic charter or an event campaign, we consider it to be at the center of our approach. Our dedicated design department develops each element with method and is therefore involved in all deliverables.

Obviously very present in the design of a graphic charter, our approach to design interferes in the realization of social media campaigns, as in the creation of advertising videos.

Three pillars build the graphic language of a brand. The logo and iconography, which encompasses research and photographic production as well as distinctive graphic signs. The notion of colors, which carry within it all the emotional language of graphic design: they are in the image what frequency is in music.

Quality graphic design obviously cannot be dissociated from the brand’s background and leitmotif. It is because it draws from all the nobility of the codes it evokes that it precisely achieves its function by accurately translating what the brand platform will have defined. He agrees with the editorial charter, illustrations and freezes a graphic charter with accuracy.

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