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An image, far from being cliché.

How to tell a whole story in one visual? This is the essential role of photography, this age-old medium which remains today one of the most used by communicators. Because if the eyes are the mirror of the soul, photography is a reflection of it. It has the power to make visible the inexpressible: the emotions.
These snapshots of life, these sometimes stolen moments, are however the result of a long creative process, born from the fantasized vision of their author. Framing, lights, exhibition, subject, composition, photography is a language in its own right that has its own conjugation to narrate its stories.
At Sweet Punk, our strength is to make your takes the most exciting of proses.

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Although it takes its source at the root of what exists and what is real, photography does not only highlight a truth, however raw it may be.
Filtered by the photographer’s lens, the truth turns into prompt allegory. Far from being only a reproduction, it is the product of an aesthetic research, a chimera nourished by various artistic disciplines and made possible thanks to learned techniques that our creative pole handles with great know-how.

In the studio as well as outdoors, our team knows how to create the decisive moment to translate the personality of your project into an eloquent visual speech.
In the darkroom, our graphic designers then bring out the soul of these sleeping images. They retouch them minutely, revive them, enrich them with illustrations, texts. They break them down, fragment them, upset them to give them a new meaning. They make collages, photomontages and recompose a new reality. They transgress the codes of composition, invent, innovate to create a unique and memorable universe for you.

In turn, photography can enrich other artistic creations such as animated video works. Our agencies and its motion design center can use these films to create stop motion videos with realistic outlines and whose story can be told by a voiceover. It is also not uncommon for snapshots to be integrated into various video productions such as institutional or advertising films, whose rhythm and dynamics they modify until they are granted a rest period.
Photography is also a media widely acclaimed in the making of web-documentaries, which use the photos of reporters to highlight a little known reality.

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