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Stop motion

The stop motion is a frame-by-frame animation made from stationary and frozen scenes, the appearance of which is slightly modified with each shot. Put together, all of these successive photographs create an animated sequence endowed with a certain rigidity of movement. This relative lack of fluidity gives stop motion productions an artisanal and authentic character. In this way, the producer of stop motion video can give life to a great variety of volumes, from the simplest like drawings, paintings and other collages to the most complex such as puppets, origami, models in modeling clay, up to real actors.

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Although it has already endured the tests of time, this archaic technique has recently regained its prestige thanks in particular to non-professional creations. The rise of digital photography coupled with digital editing tools has made it possible to democratize the discipline. However, these creations remain long and tedious and are more suitable for short formats. It is also in the creation of social media content (stories, gif, banners, …) as well as in advertising films that the stop motion took off.
Its jerky rhythm and disjointed cadences are most often coveted to give the videos a pop, jovial and engaging dynamic. These animations with “homemade” appearances, tinged with sincerity therefore fit perfectly into the closed circles of amateur productions of Internet users, subtly mixing with the native content of their applications.
Our 360 ° video agency with a motion design center imagines original productions with you from their writing to their realization, through their sound identity. The great plurality of our video expertise allows us to go even further and enrich our stop motion creations with various techniques; from live action to 2D or 3D animation.
Our artistic management team puts their ingenuity and inventiveness at your service so that this sequenced art form is the vehicle of clear-cut messages and emotions.

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