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Gape, but not speechless

Lively, mysterious, nostalgic, funny or educational, whatever her style, she sets the tone. She? It's the voiceover. The soundtrack of your story, your storytelling partner. Also called voice-over to signify its absence in the image, it takes the floor to inform us of a fact, of a plot and to leave the way open to the visual elements. Because of its ability to be ubiquitous and its inability to keep information available to it secret, voiceover can create collusion with the viewer or even an intimate relationship.
In our opinion, this privileged relationship is an often underestimated opportunity to generate the trust of your audience towards your brand or your project.

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A full component of your identity, this pipelette is your ally. Our verb sculptors are on the move to shape each trait of his personality and model each of his whispers. Raised according to the precepts of your editorial charter, the one who does not have her tongue in her pocket will be the spokesperson for your messages. Like you, the voice-over embodies your values, it tells your story according to your mood and temperament. Her intentions are yours, she sets the tone of your desires, stages your thoughts, even the most introspective.
The voiceover must therefore be designed with analysis and psychology so that the music of its words resonates harmoniously in the ears of your target.
In our 360 video agency, we train voice-overs for discussion on different media, from advertising film, to web documentary, 2D or 3D animations.
We are able to guide you from the writing of the voiceover script to the phonetic choices of intonations, accents and modulations. We put you on the right track so that your communication is well designed and your messages clearly stated.

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