Identity & Branding

The value of appearances.

Your brand identity is the common thread that links your entire communication strategy through the supports and media it will embrace. It will be the first sign identified by your customers and prospects. It will become the element of recognition.

To this end, Sweet Punk orchestrates brand creation around the essential elements that make it up with the concern of differentiation.
In line with the expectations of our time, the content must best match the form, and the form extends to all the roughness of contact with your audience. Movement, sound, editorial style are among them. For the sake of transparency, accuracy and permanent exchange, the identity of a brand must be as solid as it is open to change, and facilitate communication.

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The agency helps you forge the character and personality of your brand by coordinating the best solutions and providing the best experience in your field.
We work in line with your objectives, based on a central vision of creation. Brand and content strategy, whether it be in repositioning or brand creation, is taken into account in each stage of identity design.
Auditing and market research, such as target analysis, are essential to the proper design of an identity.

The creation of the logo, or its rejuvenation is an often constitutive element which is completed by a carefully thought out graphic charter. The sense of detail is essential to position yourself mature or disruptively in a sector. The right choice of typography or color draws its essence from the details, guaranteeing accuracy in differentiation.
Our methods guarantee a powerful positioning, avoiding the traps of trends or plagiarism.

Identity extends to all senses by giving the greatest attention to the editorial, sound or even motion design charter, essential to the era of digital and social branding.

We take into account all current or future media, erasing the boundaries between print and digital, between video and augmented reality. Your brand must take place in the future.

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