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The logo is a visual imprint that evokes the brand universe at a glance. It crystallizes the perception of a whole in the minds of all those who will be in contact with the organization or company. Its importance is capital, each line, each color directs an idea. Point of attachment, it will feed as much the charter as it will consolidate itself of the identity and the culture which emanates from the mark. A global approach is therefore essential, to avoid complexity while creating a powerful benchmark.

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Creating a logo means considering each of its aspects and uses. It is the core of a brand identity. For this reason, he must correctly evoke a potentially enormous number of concepts. In order to avoid too much complexity which often leads to dead ends, the agency guides you in a proven and approved methodology.
It is of course through a brand platform and a strong brand strategy that we can give birth to the timeless symbol that the logo must be. It is possible to opt for figurative or more abstract approaches, as long as the main idea is powerful.

Through brand support, we offer benchmarking and target analysis to guide the creation of the logo. We offer mood boards and at the same time develop your graphic charter to ensure the perfect integration of your brand identity.

The essential rules that govern its creation have evolved with digital uses, but the basic principles remain the same. It must be fully integrated into a graphic charter, available in multiple formats. The black and white fax yesterday was a known crash test. Today it should appear perfectly in the hollow of a mobile site and UX with changing ergonomics. The perfection of our digital tools allow today a quality close to the print.
We must also think of its variations for social branding, in different sizes and formats.

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