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The illustration is the oldest but also can be the most powerful of the non-verbal means of communication. At the origin of writing itself, it carries within it a unique capacity for differentiation.
It draws a universe that must be specific and can therefore be a very powerful communication or branding tool. If it seems to be a very oriented bias, it nevertheless offers a very diverse range of expression. The logo is an illustration, the icons or diagrams carry the attributes. In the iconography in transposition of photography, illustration frees aesthetics and offers a wider field of expression for the brand.

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The illustration makes it possible to orient the brand identity, a campaign or an activation in a very specific way by playing a central role in identifying the brand and the associated messages. By its potentially unique character, the mastery of design, colors and treaty, personalization offers an extremely wide range to the brand.

Often, it acts as a missing link between the pure graphic design charter and the iconography specific to the brand book.

The illustration adapts perfectly to different communication tools, whether we talk about support or initial brief. It is therefore with a completely tailor-made mission and redefined creative constraints that we can tackle a commercial, website content, motion design or production for social networks.

When illustrators are used, as in photography, it is sometimes subject to copyright as a work. This approach thus protects the stakeholders and ensures that it is fully used. The artist’s fame and talent is determined by ambition. It is possible to mix photographic work, 3D illustration and retouching for the purpose of illustration.

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