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Logo, typography, color range, image style are the main components of your visual identity. It is thanks to this set of precepts that your company, your brand or your campaign are quickly identified by your audience.
These elements must be clearly inventoried in a graphic charter. Fundamental in your branding strategy, this document is your graphic identity card, it is the set of visible characteristics that define you but above all set you apart. This roadmap which integrates all of your aesthetic rules and how to dispose of them is intended to be shared by all of the creative teams as well as by your service providers in order to guarantee consistency in all of your creations.
Impose your rules, assume your personality.

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Mirror of the editorial charter, which it supplements, the graphic charter aims to be a harmonious set of visual prescriptions allowing to freeze your brand identity and to ensure the good reading of your message.
It tells who you are, reveals your personality, shows you rather elegant or atypical, discreet or leader, timeless or in tune with the times …
And because your image, as your speech is declined, conjugates, and evolves, we imagine in detail its perimeters of use in order to ensure its homogeneity whatever the supports and the variations.

Backed by the graphic design, the graphic charter allows all the actors to manipulate your image rigorously, without false notes.
It is the vivid reflection of your personality. It visually translates your values, your brand identity while appearing attractive to your target.

Your graphic charter is therefore of strategic importance and must be thought out with the greatest attention. Harmony seekers, chromatic alchemists, image poets, literary artists, avant-garde style are all creative and innovative personalities who make up our artistic direction pole, where visual semiology is of great importance.

As part of an ad-hoc creation as an identity redesign, we stand by your side to accurately design all of your graphic elements; logo, typography, color charts, illustrations, variations, … as well as to define their rules of use.

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