Build an identity for the best accommodation.

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Studapart embodies the culture of better accommodation through a new identity.

Situation & Challenge

Dusting the rental market

For Studapart, the best accommodation is above all to offer a simple and humane rental experience. In application: understandable language, lighter procedures, and flawless support by an available and caring team.

This culture of better accommodation, Studapart now had to embody.


Embody the culture of better accommodation.

Innovation, people, experience are the pillars of this culture of better housing for which we had to build an identity. This culture is embodied by an embodied iconography, anchored in an urban, collective and moving everyday life.

Studapart should be seen as an accessible and innovative service: in other words, as a good plan.

Creative Idea

An iconic symbol that can be declined at will.

The smile already present in the existing logo becomes an iconic symbol for this new identity. It translates the clever, human, warm and benevolent aspect. Its rounded shape is also found in patterns throughout the identity.

The colors are densified while keeping a pop side.

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