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An identity to match your ambitions.

For a brand to stand the test of time and withstand all transformations, constructive and ambitious choices are required. Carrying a vision that encompasses a company's values, through a brand design that is as coherent as it is emotional; this is what we do. Identity is a whole, encompassing both meaning and function. Your logo and brand identity are your future.

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We support brands in the creation of their identity and graphic design. Our consultancy in artistic direction helps guide you towards a visual identity that will embody your brand in a powerful and faithful way. Whether in developing your logo, your graphic charter or even your sound identity, our teams identify the essential characteristics of your brand so as to evoke them through your identity.

Sweet Punk has a dedicated Art Direction Department, working mostly on building the identity of our clients. Our experts master the “classic” visual identity as much as more precise styles, such as 3D or illustration.

If identity is defined through redesign of the logo most of the time, this step is not systematic. Our teams can update an existing graphic charter, carry out independent graphic design for a particular event, or focus on a particular visual identity for a silo brand.

Each visual identity is defined through a complete graphic charter to guarantee the homogeneity of your graphic design. This requires step-by-step cooperation between our teams and you that promises a smooth and coherent transition to your new visual identity from your old one.

Emotion is at the heart of graphic design at Sweet Punk. Our conception of visual identity is as a vector of sensations for brands and their audience, whether through 3D, 2D or illustration. Each style has its own strengths and applications, and we adapt them to each of your graphic design challenges to give life to a powerful identity.

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