New brand signature for Juste Debout.

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Strategic step up for the world leader hip-hop dance.

Situation & challenge

A powerful entertainment power, but an audience that shies away.

Juste Debout has established itself worldwide since 2002 as a benchmark in the field of hip-hop dance, based on its historical codes. Faced with an aging target and a shrinking audience, how can this undisputed leader reinvent himself to continue to lead the dance?


Make Juste Debout a cultural outing open to all

Sweet Punk completely rethinks the positioning of the event to reach a wider audience than dance addicts by making Juste Debout a cultural outing, a show open to all the curious. The agency redefines the messages of the event, highlighting the universal quality of its show, its musical dominance (concert), as well as its entertainment for children. The promise changes and opens to all with a new signature “Shake up your idea of dance”.

Meanings Strategy

Change you image

New identity

  • A more open, more modern brand, breaking with the historical codes of hip-hop.
  • A speech focused on the quality and prowess of the show, rather than on the technique of dance steps.

New website

  • a site dedicated to the event like major festivals
  • the content is redesigned to present the strengths of the event

New teaser video

  • a more lifestyle, less technical, and more attractive video teaser for the uninitiated.

Talk about yourself


  • A viral competition for dance curious has been set up.

Modernize the event


  • A mobile app has been developed for the event allowing spectators to vote live for the best dancers.

A winning strategy

This positioning allowed the event to see its ticket sales for the world final in Paris increase by 10%. The brand has also won new partnerships and no less than 90% of the participants used the application.

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