Ariane Piece by Piece: conquering space and the general public.

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Conquering space and the general public.


Make space engineering accessible through brand content.

State-of-the-art engineering, high technology, in-depth notions of chemistry and / or astromechanics… When we talk about a space launcher, we quickly lose most people. However, ArianeGroup challenges us to make all of this content accessible to the general public.


A video series to explain without complicating.

How to popularize something as technical as a space launcher? By simplifying the whole thanks to the sum of its parts. We offer a more attractive and social media web series that explains the role of each part in a rocket in an educational manner.

Creative Idea

Rocket Science for dummies

We focus on the right balance between cutting-edge technology, present in 2D and 3D visuals to catch the eye, and a playful discourse where scientific vocabulary is replaced by everyday analogies to facilitate understanding.

Result: each piece is described with precision, so as not to betray brand expertise, while remaining accessible to novices!


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