The dairy sector speaks again.

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CNIEL puts transparency and discovery at the heart of its strategy.

Situation & challenge

The French dairy sector, a jewel under the fire of critics

Animal treatment is at the heart of the concerns of society, nourishing all fantasies and putting in the background the love of breeders and processors for their jobs.

How to speak again and show the real conditions of production when unrepresentative videos and comments make a destructive buzz?




In the face of criticism, open its doors.

We want to make the speeches of the industry evolve towards total transparency and put the humans who make the industry in the foreground. Objective: humanize the discourse and show a new and unsuspected side of the industry through a bold and innovative brand content.

Meanings Strategy

Change the tone

Transparency as the first argument

  • Break the vicious circle of dependent videos by speaking out showing the real daily life of the sector
  • Giving voice to actors in the sector, humans

Nobility and poetry

  • Break with the violence of the debates by offering a loving, noble and poetic vision of the profession
  • A sincere posture and focused on a strictly positive speech.

Open the doors of a dairy farm

“À l’heure du lait” Web Documentary

  • a web documentary about the life of milk
  • 24 hours in the company of a real breeder
  • 360 ° video to be immersed with cows

Installation at the agricultural show

  • Provide an interactive physical experience

Press conference

  • Invite journalists to discover the support and dispel misconceptions

Present the milk processing factories 

Webdocumentary “Au rythme du lait”

  • Follow the whole milk processing chain
  • Show the care given to the products
  • Health security at all levels


  • 1 upgraded sector
  • 1 global echo, specifically in Asia, the Middle East, and South America.
  • 1 Top Com Corporate (gold)
  • 1 Top Com Corporate Grand Prize
  • 1 Editorial com strategies (money),
  • 2 CSS Design
  • 1 FWA
  • 1 Awwwards

Web documentary “À l’heure du lait”

To highlight French dairy know-how, Sweet Punk proposed to the National Interprofessional Center for the Dairy Economy to translate the passion and thoroughness of the dairy industry in France into a digital device.

See the case

Installation at the agricultural show

As an extension of the award-winning web documentary “At the time of milk”, the CNIEL, we carried the message physically and installed the dairy farm in Paris as part of the 55th International Agricultural Show.


Web documentary “Au Rythme du Lait”

Au rhythm de Lait opens the doors of French dairy factories to consumers for the first time and warms the industrial sector with emotion and poetry.

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