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Supporting change management

Situation & challenge

Becoming a change agent

At a time when environmental, economic and social concerns are taking on increasing importance in public debate, players in the transport sector have a real role to play. That’s why Citygo has made it part of its raison d’être to position itself as a concrete response to these issues.

Created in 2014, the Citygo urban carpooling app built its reputation and community through word of mouth. Until then, users’ main motivation had been purely economic, becoming a brake on its development and the quality of its service. Citygo wanted to evolve its brand image from a purely functional service to one whose use is guided by values.


Citygo, a spirit of sharing more than just journeys

While Citygo aims to offer everyone, including those living on the outskirts of cities, the freedom to travel and enjoy cultural and leisure activities, it is also a promise to share.

Sharing a moment, sharing an ecological footprint, sharing mileage, but also sharing convictions. Challenges that required premiumizing Citygo’s brand universe.

Creative idea

Citygo, a player that counts

What brand territory should be adopted to make Citygo a mobility player that counts, and the application a conviction rather than an obligation?

With Citygo, you share more than just a journey, you share a movement:

Movement (n.m) :

All the movements of a group of people, vehicles, etc.
Impulse, impulse to manifest a feeling, a will, etc.
Collective action aimed at social, political or psychological change.

Our guidance

360° assistance to support your launch in different French cities and define your message at all points of contact.

Brand strategy and advice

  • Definition of a new communications platform and brand territory.

Visual identity and brand signature

  • Creation of a new identity: logo, territory, graphic charter.
  • Design of the new brand signature “On a le covoit’ en commun”.
  • Drafting of the Manifesto and editorial charter.

Advertising film and key campaign visual

  • Advertising film writing and production intentions.
  • Art direction and photo shooting.

Brand content strategy and partnerships

  • Definition of a brand content strategy to bring the brand to life year-round and support its launches in different French cities.

Influence and social media

  • Setting up an influence strategy: identifying profiles with shared values to become Citygo ambassadors.

Local deployment of strategy and activations

  • Strategic and creative support for the deployment of the communication territory and local activations.

New identity

New brand signature
Logo use

Digital campaign

Web film
Waze and Le Bon Coin
Tiktok campaign


Brand content and partnerships

Citygo takes Parisians on a tour of the coolest and most accessible summer spots… by carpool.

The Citygo Summer Tour
You should think bigger