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We created the brand to make a career

Situation & challenge

Understanding professions to inspire careers

While everyone has heard of the consulting profession, it’s still difficult to clearly understand the role it plays on a day-to-day basis.

It’s against this backdrop that Sweet Punk has set itself the ambition of transforming the often abstract perception of these professions into a concrete and seductive vision, thus encouraging young talent to take up these promising careers.






Uniting the consulting professions around a strong common idea

Drawing on the skills shared by our consultants, it was clear that enhancing the value of consulting began by promoting non-linear careers.

Learning, unlearning, relearning and being enriched by new perspectives: the dynamism of their daily lives is the key to ideas that change the world.

The ASK FOR CONSEIL brand is built on this central truth.

Creative idea

The voice of change

Inspired by the various interactions between consultants and their targets, the brand highlights the communicative and educational dimension of the consulting profession.

The graphic system is made up of modular blocks, like dialogue boxes, within a flexible environment that illustrates the freedom of action of consultants in shaping the world of tomorrow.

The logotype

The Ask For Conseil logotype is the main element of the visual identity. It is used on all brand materials.

Its three-line layout echoes the narrative and communicative dimension of the name. The coloring of the word “conseil” highlights the sector of activity concerned.


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