Fenwick opens the doors to his legacy.

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An interactive museum to cross eras.

Situation & Challenge

Highlight the richness of its heritage

From the emergence of handling to the digital revolution, Fenwick has accompanied each industrial development to the point that this brand has become a common name. The French leader in material handling has entrusted Sweet Punk with the mission of highlighting the richness of its cultural heritage and its century of expertise and innovation.

Creative Idea

An immersive dive in a virtual museum  

Sweet Punk has imagined a trip to the heart of this heritage that has crossed times and minds. To discover Fenwick’s passion and taste for innovation, the user is immersed in a sensory experience that takes the form of a virtual museum.



Record visit time

  • 7 minutes spent on site on average
  • 12 minutes spent on the site internally
  • The insertion of temporary exhibitions to bring the site to life
  • A permanent physical exhibition
  • A second component in preparation


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