Growth hacking

Growth in commando mode.

In an increasingly competitive advertising landscape, brands need to stay ahead of the game. The ones that succeed in the war for attention are the ones that know how to quickly pivot their digital strategy and their messages.
To achieve this, there is no magic formula: method and process will be your ammunition.
The ultimate goal: to increase your sales. Simple, transparent, reassuring. So that there are no more breaks between awareness and acquisition.
That's how Sweet Punk positions its growth hacking offer: to offer the best of branding and transformation by having creative and analysts work closely together.

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At the crossroads between scientific analysis and creative thinking, growth hacking is above all a method and an organizational philosophy.

Growth hacking is a method of rapid growth initially dedicated to the world of start-ups. Developed by Sean Ellis, growth hacking is also a cousin of the “Lean start-up” method.

The two main pillars of growth hacking are the “AAARRR” funnel and iterative decision making.

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