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Data, the new gold.
Without accurate data, all your marketing actions and decisions will be like a sword in the water.
Gathering data throughout the customer journey is essential to adjust your strategy as closely as possible to the market response. Even more important than data collection is its structure.
In order not to sink into a data bulimia, providing it with a structure is the only way to make it digestible and intelligible.
At Sweet Punk, we will create a precise and efficient tracking strategy in compliance with the GDRP regulations.

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No need to evangelize, everyone knows today how essential data is for a company’s decision making.

Except that there is a world of difference between knowing this and having an appropriate strategy. Between technical barriers and an overdose of data without intelligible structuring, it is sometimes difficult for teams to use this data on a daily basis.

However, knowing how to structure this data offers a competitive advantage in a context where being as close as possible to the market response is essential.

At Sweet Punk, we create efficient tracking plans while remaining easily understandable through their structures and nomenclatures.

Thus, data becomes a daily tool for each of your teams to adjust their operational strategies.

Ultimately, tracking and structuring data in digital is essential for companies looking to maximize their ROI and make more informed decisions. By tracking data closely, companies can better understand their audience and market, allowing them to make more effective strategic decisions. By properly structuring data, companies can analyze it more effectively and derive valuable insights for their business.

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