Growth hacking

From knowledge to action

Awareness and acquisition have too often been contrasted. This leads to a rupture between the different messages, to the detriment of a fluid discourse between the brand and the consumer.
At Sweet Punk, we believe that this split doesn't have to be.
Your conversion messages must be a variation of your brand platform, while integrating the specificities of each acquisition channel.
Our digital positioning strategy offer is specifically adapted to the particularity of web channels, and to what they offer best: personalization.

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Very often brands take their branding and global positioning strategy and adapt it to digital channels. And inevitably, it fails.

This results in acquisition campaigns with disappointing ROI, simply because they were not adapted to the digital ecosystem.

However, actions such as SEA and SMA can be a real gold mine for those who know how to use them correctly.

At Sweet Punk, we have experts in both subjects: branding and digital acquisition.

We know how to make them work together, to create a strategy of messages and positioning only dedicated to acquisition, and to think as a continuity of your brand platform, so that there is never again a break between awareness and acquisition.

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