Growth hacking

The light at the end of the funnel

Thinking of channels in silos is obsolete. Customer journeys are by no means linear.
In the lifetime of your target, you need to think of each channel as a narrative point in their story with your brand.
However, the end must be the same for all of them: your prospect's move to action.
And for that, at some point, you will have to bring them to a unique decision.

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A sum of words is not a conversation.

That’s why each contact point must be thought of in a relational logic between the prospect and the brand.

Each message must be designed to follow a decision-making logic: from the lowest level of awareness, to the fateful moment of the final sale.

Of course, depending on their level of awareness, the target will not be asked to perform the same actions: sign up for a newsletter, a webinar, request a quote. These are all possible actions that will not be at the same level in their journey. If the matching is not well done, you could lose your target.

At Sweet Punk, we dedicate a strategic team to define personas, objectives and imagine user paths according to them.

Nothing is left to chance: the media, the choice of words and actions are dissected to create a user path that is as faithful as possible to the reality and expectations of the target.

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