Growth hacking

Social services for growth

Having followers is good, converting them is better.
Social acquisition campaigns are that last little action at the end of the chain, to move your audience from a simple awareness to a concrete action.
This transition requires a separate voice and positioning.
Our acquisition experts will help you with this, relying on 3 key skills:

The art of using words to sell. Speaking for awareness and speaking for acquisition are not the same. At Sweet Punk, we handle both, so that there is no longer a gap between the two.

The creation of visuals
The feed, this jungle of information. To attract attention, the visual must be "scroll stop".
It must attract attention, be pleasant, while remaining simple and easily understandable at a glance. Easier said than done. Fortunately, our experts have the experience.

Campaign structuring
Navigating the maze of web agencies is a headache in itself.
Let us solve it for you, we make it our business.
Our acquisition experts understand the decision-making processes of each algorithm to deliver the best KPIs and ROI.

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SMA campaigns, or “Social Media Advertising”, refer to all the paid advertisements you can create on social networks.

Some examples of networks that are popular: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok etc.

Each network has its own codes and audience. You can’t do mass, because then your acquisition campaign would have no impact.

Between the different objectives (awareness, sales, app installation…), the audiences, the formats, you have a plethora of combinations to get the most out of SMA!

But you still need to find the right one… where to start, how to structure?

Our team can provide you with the necessary method to iterate and test the possibilities offered by each social network, as well as the creativity required to stand out from your competitors.

We reassure you, there is no secret to be profitable in SMA: only rigor and processes are required!

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