Growth hacking

A safe landing

A landing page is a decisive element in a user journey.
Just imagine. You've thought up a message strategy based on each persona and its level of knowledge and suddenly you send it to a generic page on your site. Too bad.
A landing page is like a salesperson open 24/7.
Like him, it must adapt its speech to its interlocutor, to its history, to the sales context.

To produce a good landing page, we rely on the following expertise:

The art of using words to sell.
Understanding your target's motivations and finding the right words to make them take action.

UX/UI design
Structure the design and information to facilitate navigation and minimize friction. The easier your landing page is to understand for the user, the easier it is for them to find the information they want, the higher your conversion rate will be.

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The landing page must always be thought in a continuity of outbound or inbound action. It always comes after a marketing element: Email, advertising…

The landing page must therefore be designed according to the previous message, and to which persona it was intended.

The more fluid the discourse between these two contents, the higher the probability of conversion.
The more the discourse on this web page is adapted to your target and its problems, the more effective it will be and the higher the conversion rate.

The landing page must therefore always be designed on the basis of a persona strategy and clear user paths. This is a sine qua non condition for its efficiency.

To meet these needs, Sweet Punk has a dedicated expertise for each subject: a team for the creation of customer paths, and teams for the layout of an effective landing page in graphics and copywriting to incite to action.

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