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While everyone's eyes are on their phones, the digital domain is exploring the real world. To enable people to experience extraordinary moments, you need to stand out and to be entrepreneurial and visionary. Combining innovation and creativity will bring the most sensory experiences – those that do not yet exist – into being.

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For a long time, digital innovations such as AR or VR were reserved for video games and entertainment. Nowadays, these digital techniques flourish even in brand marketing during interactive events. An event that enables the consolidation of more human links between the brand and its partners or customers.  Digital innovation pushes us to refresh and renew by constantly questioning ourselves. On every wrist, in every hand or in every bag, there are connected objects that can take the user experience and digital innovation for businesses a little further.

A Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality agency aims to combine the creativity of digital innovation to help you impact your target audience through unique digital exploration. Consumers enjoy these innovative experiences that take them into a parallel world. Digital innovation that transforms the codes of communication and marketing. Through this technology, for the first time, the consumer becomes a player in sensory immersion, and not just a spectator.

Today, virtual reality or augmented reality agencies are neeed in all sectors to improve the visibility and attractiveness of their content. In our agency, we always try to surprise your targets so you will stand out better and to help you create an emotional bond with them. For example, to raise awareness of the challenges of dairy production, Sweet Punk designed real digital immersion in the heart of a farm in order to teleport city dwellers into the daily life of the countryside.

Digital innovation has the effect of surprising guests during an interactive event; connected objects such as VR helmets, screens or connected bracelets offer ultra-immersive experiences. It’s time to seize the opportunities that digital innovation offers you.

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