A day at the farm without leaving Paris.

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CNIEL invites itself to 360 ° at the agricultural show

Situation & challenge

Transforming our web documentary into a phygital experience

On the occasion of the agricultural show, the CNIEL wishes to promote the web documentary “A Heure du Lait” designed and produced by the agency. To share this experience with visitors, we wanted to keep the poetic fiber of the work while adapting it to events.

Creative idea

Make the wall to go green.

To capitalize on the immersion of the web documentary, some of whose skits were shot 360 °, we are creating a capsule installation on the walls of which the images of the film are projected. The user progresses through this poetic journey as if he were on a farm, guided by the voice of Bruno’s agriculture that he will meet in the flesh at the end of the journey.


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